The Adventures Of Lil Man and Skeets


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Hi Ho Silver
Ever wonder how the west was really won?  With a hearty hi ho, our two urban wonders are up and away to the badlands in search of the original Lone Ranger, a gold medallion and a centuries old Choctaw curse.

Journey To Grub Island
Join the two urban wonders Lil man and Skeets the ferret, who will take you on an adventure beyond reality to an island of intrigue and mystery, where danger lurks behind every palm tree.


Run Through The Jungle
From the rivers of Africa to the jungle of big, bad Capitol City, join the two urban wonders, Lil Man and Skeets the ferret in an adventure involving blood diamonds, an African Bushman and a rather large crocodile.


JuJu On The Bayou
From rags to riches but at what price? Lil man and Skeets travel to New Orleans, also known as “The Big Easy” in search of a new family only to find voodoo dolls, ghosts and three hundred year old zombies crawling out of the swamps.


Fire Down Below
Join the two urban wonders, Lil Man and Skeets as they go back in time, far below big, bad Capitol City in search of a missing friend, only to find themselves in booby trapped tunnels, where skeletons and an ageless, blood thirsty demon lurk in the darkness.


Children Of F.E.A.R.
Out of the city and into the woods, Lil man and Skeets go on a summer vacation where murder by brainwashed girls with psychic powers is just an oars stroke away.


Curse of Mansa Musa
Follow Lil Man and Skeets as they learn the hard way that ‘all that glitters is not gold.’ From ancient Africa and a history of theft and deception, to the doorsteps of home in big, bad Capitol City, our two urban heroes must fight ‘gold fever,’ their worst enemy and an age old curse.


Home Sweet Home
Lil Man and Skeets find themselves adopted and taken far from home to an illusionary world that is far too real. It’s the life of a ‘carny’; for our two urban wonders, only this time, a carnival of horror hides behind the main curtain.


Water Under The Bridge
The most exciting summer ever was coming to an end for Lil Man and Skeets; or so they thought. Trying to protect a little girl who can perform miracles from two of the most evil men in Capitol City, they must trek through the underbelly of the mean streets, for a rendezvous with Air Force One, and ultimately the President of the United States.


Ghost Train
Caught in a time warp, Lil Man and Skeets get an unforgettable lesson as they speed down the tracks on a GHOST TRAIN. Listening to a blow by blow description of the infamous battle between the mighty John Henry, a ‘steel driving man’ and the railroads Automatic Steam Hammer is a broadcast they will never forget. But even on this seemingly harmless train ride, danger waits just down the tracks.

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Night of the Bag Snatchers
So you like to be scared do you? From the back alleys of the hood, to big, bad Capitol City’s haunted graveyard, no place is safe on the night of the Blood Moon. If you dare, join Lil Man and Skeets as they come to the aid of an arch enemy on the scariest Halloween ever. It’s a chiller with a twist you won’t believe.

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Where There Is Smoke
A serial arsonist is loose in the neighborhood and guess who’s right in the way? While Skeets races through the fire in search of romance, Lil Man must come to the rescue and help save Skeets and the orphanage from the rampages of a crazed maniac out for revenge.


Horse of a Different Color
A visit to the racetrack turns into a life changing ordeal for our two urban heroes, Lil Man and Skeets. Two friends from the hood and three animals dubbed the tag team form a bond that will be tested to its very core. In the face of imminent danger, all five must make decisions that put them on the trail between life and death.


Cold As Ice
They pledged allegiance to the flag and under its banner they fought and died so that they would be free. Not long from Africa, they wore the colors of the new nation into the fray.  Join Lil Man and Skeets as they discover firsthand how the long journey to freedom was a road paved with struggle and sacrifice.


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